Support Services for Territorians and Visitors.

Our professional helping hands help you manage life's essentials. Whether you are flying solo, a busy family or visiting Central Australia, our team will coordinate with our trusted network to deliver the best outcomes for peace of mind. We love what we do!

Adventure Advice

Our team is looking forward to helping make your Centralian experience memorable. Whether you are flying solo, mustering a group or new to town, we have a cool network of great providers ready to guide and inspire you towards living your best life.

Appointment Assistance

We understand the importance of health and wellbeing. Simply schedule your requirements with our team and we'll get you there and back without fuss.

Child Care

Professional baby and child care is available for your Date Night, Conference and Holiday needs. We love little people. Talk to us today.

Community Engagement

Scheduling Community Supports provide you with an opportunity to enjoy one on one experience with a Hello Alice companion or you may choose to join a group to enjoy the local markets, events and anything else that suits your requirement.

Companion Shopping

Whether you seek a day out with one of our shopping companions or you would like your errands and shopping done on your behalf, our helping hands will deliver.

Event Planning

To create great memories, we deliver bespoke opportunities and have a sound network of experienced supporters to bring your event to life.

Health and Wellbeing

Whether you need nutritional advice, momentum for gym attendance or advice on creating a better sense of wellbeing, we are here to help. We love guiding you to some of the great activities and sports clubs available to you in Alice Springs.

Household Services

Hello Alice provides family and child care, house sitting opportunities, cooking, decluttering, horticulture and gardening services, Spring cleaning, streamlining and styling and much more.

Interpret and Translate

Schedule a meeting with our qualified AUSLAN Interpreter, available to individuals with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Hello Alice, helping you live your best life.

NDIS Participants

We primarily work with Plan Managed families on a one-to-one basis however, we love to help everyone under the NDIS umbrella to ensure they can make the most of their Plan and more importantly, to develop their life skills for solid integration into the community for their best life.

Life Coaching

Are you where you want to be? Why not schedule a chat to see how you might achieve your goals.

Pet Care

Being part of the family is an institution of love. We walk, sit and care for your pets as if they are our own, most often in their own home.

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